German language and alsace

The german censuses had a querry on language the french one not but the situation is still the same the inhabitants of the plain, and along the north-eastern frontier are speaking german type dialects, alsatian alaman, alsatian souab, plattdeutsch. Language reinforced the neglect of the local dialect then in 1953, the optional teaching of german, carried out by peripatetic teachers, was legally allowed in primary. Alsatian is a german alemannic dialect spoken in alsace, a region in eastern france which has passed between french and german control many times during its history as a result, alsatian has been influenced a great deal by the french language. French language schools in france: alsace/lorraine are you looking for a place to study french intensively abroad, perhaps looking for a total immersion course with native speakers or maybe you want to take a vacation in france, and while enjoying the sights, learn enough french to help you get by in your explorations. Twenty years ago, the german-language edition of dernieres nouvelles d'alsace, the biggest newspaper here, had a circulation of 80,000 today it is 50,000 and tumbling - compared with 190,000 for.

French president nicolas sarkozy has caused outrage by suggesting that the alsace region which his country won back from the nazis after world war ii was still ‘in germany. Today if you visit alsace, you can see how the interventions of two mega empires affected the area through its architecture and the presence of both french and german languages the food and the wine of alsace is also a bit of a mish mash. German nationalists in turn declared one language, one nation and prepared to conquer alsace under the pretext that it was german in language and culture napoleon iii declared war on prussia and this was a disaster for france. The end of the war in 1945 marked the low point in franco-german relations, and the french government forbade the use of the german language in schools it would be another twenty years before the first sign of recognition of the regional local culture in alsace.

German a germanic language, is a member of the indo-european language family at some time during the disintegration of the indo-european community a group of tribes made their way to north-west europe and there developed a bronze age culture probably around 2 000 bc. Herzlich willkommen beim germanic-american institute welcome to the germanic-american institute we are a minnesota non-profit whose mission is to foster appreciation and understanding of the culture, language, arts, and ongoing history of the german-speaking peoples through public educational and cultural programs. Alsace-lorraine: french or german originally posted by hichem on mar 31, 2013 in geography , history , people , vocabulary no region has caused a more serious headache to both france and germany than that of the alsace-lorraine , or as the germans call it: elsass-lothringen.

After that, there are three other spoken dialects or languages in alsace that you will hear in certain areas two of them are the various swiss-german and baden-wurtemburg dialects and you will hear them in the areas closest to those regions. Although german dialects were spoken in alsace for most of its history, the dominant language in alsace today is french the traditional language of the région is alsatian , an alemannic dialect of upper german spoken on both sides of the rhine and closely related to swiss german. I learned the alsatian language (as well as a swiss-german dialect known as baseldeutch or basel german) because i have heard it on a regular basis ever since i moved to alsace it's not the sort of language you can normally take a course on outside of alsace, i doubt there are many.

Languages in alsace what languages do they speak in alsace by jcmh languages in alsace what languages do they speak in alsace explore explore scribd and the majority of people living in alsace learn german in school because it's practical being so close to germany you won't hear it everywhere you in alsace except the wine road. Alsatians are the german-speaking people of the french region of alsace, located between the vosges mountains and the german border in the departments of bas-rhin and haut-rhin there are perhaps 15 million speakers of german dialects in this region. Alsace (alsatian and german: elsass, pre-1996 german: elsaß) was an administrative region of france it is now part of the administrative region of grand est alsace was on the eastern border of france.

R1b-m269 is the most common, except in formerly german-speaking alsace, where r1b-u152 is just a shade ahead in the sample as we might expect, alsace also beat other french regions in its level of u106, which tends to cluster within germanic-language countries. As languages, french and german are considered to be mutually exclusive, french being a romance language alsatian is a germanic dialect, derived from the alemanni who settled in the area in the fifth century, and is understood to be german with french borrowings (hessini, 1979.

Alsace-lorraine might sound like a mouthfuluntil you hear the full german name of reichsland elsaß-lothringen this is a complicated name for an english speaker, but an uncomplicatedly beautiful place that features the best of both countries. German language, german deutsch, official language of both germany and austria and one of the three official languages of switzerland german belongs to the west germanic group of the indo-european language family, along with english, frisian, and dutch (netherlandic, flemish) the recorded history. Strasbourg, france — alsace-lorraine is a region forever in between, a sort of half-german, half-french hybrid that has been pushed around in three wars and changed hands four times since 1870. Alsatian is closely related to other nearby alemannic dialects, such as swiss german, swabian, and markgräflerisch as well as kaiserstühlerischit is often confused with lorraine franconian, a more distantly related franconian dialect spoken in the northwest corner of alsace and in neighbouring lorrainelike other dialects and languages, alsatian has also been influenced by outside sources.

german language and alsace A collection of useful phrases in alsatian, a germanic language spoken mainly in alsace in northeast of france jump to phrases click on any of the (non-english) phrases that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. german language and alsace A collection of useful phrases in alsatian, a germanic language spoken mainly in alsace in northeast of france jump to phrases click on any of the (non-english) phrases that are links (blue) to hear them spoken. german language and alsace A collection of useful phrases in alsatian, a germanic language spoken mainly in alsace in northeast of france jump to phrases click on any of the (non-english) phrases that are links (blue) to hear them spoken.
German language and alsace
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